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Experience exceptional family care at our trusted clinic. Our compassionate team provides personalized medical services for patients of all ages, ensuring comprehensive and holistic care. Your loved ones' health is our priority.

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At True Family Care Clinics, we take pride in preventive healthcare through annual physicals exam and well-women exam. Our annual physicals are comprehensive examinations that assess your overall health and identify any potential health issues. We believe in early detection and intervention to maintain optimal health. Our providers understand the importance of women health, we always support wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

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U.S Immigration Medical exam

Preparing for the US immigration exam involves studying various topics. With proper preparation and dedication, individuals can achieve their goal of passing the US immigration exam and obtaining citizenship in the United States.

Weight Loss

At our weight loss center, we believe that knowledge is power, and laboratory testing is the key to unlocking your full potential. Join us on your journey to a healthier, happier you, and let science be your guide.

Pediatric Services

We believe that every child deserves the best possible care. When it comes to pediatric care, precision and accuracy are paramount. Laboratory testing forms the backbone of our comprehensive approach to children's health.

Screening and treatment

Screening refers to the process of identifying individuals who may have a particular condition or disease before they show any symptoms...

Care for Minor Symptoms

Care for minor symptoms like sore throat, cough, or nasal congestion involves several self-care strategies. For a sore throat, gargling with warm saltwater...

Treatment For Illnesses

The common cold is a mild viral infection that primarily affects the nose and throat. Typically caused by rhinoviruses but can also be caused by other respiratory...

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